Since the store's profits gained from customers on the back deck and side parking area were gained illegally, thus the tax revenue from those profits was also gained from illegal activity. There is no merit to the argument from his apologists that he should be lionized because of his contribution to the tax base, because a large portion of that contribution should not have been there to begin with.

What next, if heroin dealers pay a sales tax then we should applaud their contribution to the tax base?


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Sounds interesting! We'll have to check it out. Always good to hear about new places, I hope their new business is successful.


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Laurie and I will be pouring beer today at the Hopkins Aleworks as Kevin & Sherry enjoy their fabulous Paris vacation! Come out and watch how the amateurs do it while the owners are away! We promise you will leave satisfied.


Join me and Laurie as we pour beer today at the Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works today from 1pm - 6pm. Sell your socks, it's a full-on beer market maltdown!

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Here is the coverage map for the trial service. The Rappahannock trial area is based on the cell tower in Ben Venue, so you need to be inside the yellow area on the map to qualify.


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Merry Christmas to you too Mac! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!


Leah Haworth Kevin Henry

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In case anyone is looking, great deal:

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